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Can_table_Food_Fest_2011Once again we're having our colourful red-and-white Canadian table at the annual ethnic Food-for-Good Festival! The Food Fest itself is a wonderful experience, and helping out for the Canadian Table is a great bonding opportunity. Pls contact Janet about participation!
When? Sunday, June 5
Time? 8pm onwards
Place? Plaz Aretsou, Kalamaria
Participate? Cook, serve and/or donate money
Cooking? Bring one, or preferably all:
--warm, cooked ‘Montreal Meatballs’ (at least 50 meatballs from the recipe *below or your favourite meatball recipe)
-- your favourite sauce to go along with them (the more exotic, the better)
--a large salad (e.g. potato or macaroni salad, or a leafy salad - if leafy, pls cut leaves finely for easier eating)
--one or two clean disposable aluminum pans with lids, to pack up any leftover food for the needy
Decorating? Help is needed supplying some items and/or setting up the table
Canadian table coordinator? Janet Koniordos, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Canadian table organiser? Hellenic Canadian Friendship Association
2011 Food Fest proceeds? Katafygio Gynaikon; The Children’s Village of Northern Greece at Filyro; KEA (Kentro Eidikis Agoyis); ΕΠΑΘ (Thessaloniki Society for the Protection of Minors)
(For more on the Festival in general, check the archives at )
Event photos:
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Special thanks to Kay Bash for sending in several of the photos!

3 kg of meat, preferably a mix of 1 kg pork and 2 kg beef, makes 50 meatballs
The following amounts depend on how much minced meat is used: chopped onion (extremely fine); one or two eggs; a little oil; a little milk; parsley; one or two grated tomatoes (optional, for a great taste); salt; pepper; oregano; a little curry; any other spices you might like; crumbed toasted bread (φρυγανιά)

Once you have prepared your meat, let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours, then make your meatballs in the shape you like. Roll them in a little flour (optional) or fry them directly. The oil shouldn't be too hot because they will burn on the outside and be raw on the inside.

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