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About the Associations

When the Canadian embassy suggested the Canadian community of Thessaloniki, Greece, band together in 2001, a small, but dynamic, group of Canadians and friends of Canada formed an informal network. Originally, we were composed of alumni from Canadian universities, but we then embraced an open-door policy, calling ourselves the ‘Hellenic Canadian Friendship Association’.

In late 2011, incoming Canadian Ambassador to Greece, Robert Peck, and Maria Pantazi-Peck immediately suggested Athens follow the successful Thessaloniki model, thus inspiring 'Friends of Canada' in Athens. Successive ambassadors and embassy staff have been extremely supportive of this means of outreach to the local community.

These two informal networks in both ATHENS (Friends of Canada) and THESSALONIKI (Hellenic Canadian Friendship Association) facilitate the exchange of camaraderie and Canadian-related information between Canadians and friends of Canada from all nations - who live in Greece. We have a ‘pay as you go’ philosophy, and no monies are collected in any form.

Well-known Canadian Greek writer, Kathryn Lukey-Coutsocostas, is the founding and acting coordinator of both.

Athens activities include:
Canada Nights
New Year 'Vasilopita' Cutting
Informal Canada Day Celebration
Friends of Canada Networks (*below): Welfare Network & Réseau Franco-Canadien/Franco-Canadian Network

Thessaloniki activities include:
Canada Nights
New Year 'Vasilopita' Cutting
Canadian table at the annual ethnic Food-for-Good Festival in Plaz Aretsou (proceeds go to charity)


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- WELFARE NETWORK (in collaboration with the Salvation Army)
Anytime, day or night, if you turn on your TV set you will hear about “The Crisis”. Actually, this is not just a crisis but rather “The Crisis”. And, while facing a crisis due to a natural disaster is hard enough to cope with, a manmade crisis like this requires even more sensitivity.
The full extent of the present crisis is difficult to estimate. You shouldn’t be surprised if the person who passes by you today on the street, or the person sitting next to you at one of Friends of Canada meetings, is one who has been touched.
If you feel you can join our group – which operates in conjunction with the Salvation Army - we would be glad to share ways of helping with you. We’ll also keep you informed about the progress we are making. No matter how small your offer – from your time as a volunteer, to a bag of dry food goods or Christmas treats - it can make a huge difference to someone’s life.
We are looking forward to working with you.
Facilitator: Pauline Jenkins Boussiakos


Parce que le Canada se définit comme une nation bilingue et multiculturelle, que le français et l’anglais sont, à statut égal, ses deux langues officielles, les Canadiens et les ami(e)s du Canada du monde entier seront les bienvenu(e)s sur notre réseau francophone d’Athènes.
Si vous cherchez des informations en français sur la vie quotidienne en Grèce, nous essaierons de répondre à vos demandes.
Si vous souhaitez proposer des activités bénévoles, nous en discuterons avec vous.
Nous essaierons d’organiser des cafés rencontres chez nos membres mais aussi, selon les demandes, des évènements sociaux, culturels ou autres …
N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos suggestions.
Et donc, si vous souhaitez participer à notre vie associative en français, merci de venir nous rejoindre ici.
Animatrice : Marie-Thérèse Rolland

Canada is defined as a bilingual and multicultural nation, with French and English being, equally, its two official languages. As such, Canadians and friends of Canada from all nations are welcome to join this Athenian francophone network.
We are here to answer questions that French-speakers may have about resources, like French-language schools, plus we hope to provide coffee meetings for our members, cultural or social events and more….
We also welcome your suggestions. Join us!
Facilitator: Marie-Thérèse Rolland

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